Monday, July 29, 2013

School days Buenos Aires

 School in Buenos Aires has been very different than school in Aruba.  Aruba was great with the sun, sea and sand in our backyard, but most of school was in the classroom or around our house.  In Buenos Aires there is so much to see, so there have been outings almost every day for Ava.  Cafe's for journal writing, parks for physical activity and exploring, museums for science and art.  Anything you can think of to supplement a Kindergarten/1st grade education. Here are some shots from Pam, Ava's teacher, while they have been out exploring....

Japanese tea garden

Around San Telmo - Argentine characters

Reading quietly in the cozy English bookstore

Hipster in making

Ice cream party as a school reward

Face painting for the 4th of July...that kind of turned out scary

Row boat in Palermo parks

Natural History Museum

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Anonymous said...

How is Cuzco going?
nice meeting all of you here
I love your blog