Monday, January 3, 2011

And...I'm spent!

The Family

Can you see us all? We are there! Grammy, Grandpa, Nanny, Papa (though, Ava calls both Grandmothers Grammy and both Grandfathers their names may change to Grammy and Papa both), Adam, Uncle Ralph, Aunt Carey, Tyler, Dave, Jill and Ava!

Baby Ty-ler has grown!

Baby Tyler is in his Elmo phase - he is in love with him!

Grammy (Jill's mom) and Aunt Carey

Uncle Adam! Ava loves Uncle Adam. She always wants to hang out with him and says how much she loves him.

Nice guns Dave!

Christmas presents

Peppa pig set from Nanny and Papa!

A camera of her own - and its pink! She has been wanting one from Santa for months!

Ava also got 3 Zsu Zsu pets....which she loves. I am not sure how she found out about them??!! Who knows, but they are fun.

Christmas in Charlotte

Santa came...and technically a white Christmas! Even though it started late on Christmas night.

Waking up on Christmas morning!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lucky girl!

Someone got a kiss from Rudolph on Christmas! Lucky girl! Ava found some of Rudolph's red nose on hers when she woke up Christmas morning. Only the best kids get kisses from Rudolph.

Preparing for Santa and the reindeer

On Christmas Eve at Grammy and Grandpa's house, Ava spread special reindeer food outside. It has oats and special sparkly dust to make the reindeer fly!

Look, is that Santa and the reindeer in the sky??