Monday, July 5, 2010


I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me...

Nanny and Papa visit: Around Prague

Like Father like Son....a lot alike

Picnic on an island in the river

Nanny and Papa visit: First stop - Berlin

Ava was the photographer in Berlin. These are from a boat trip we took. More pictures later when Papa shares his photos with us.

We visited with a family friend in Berlin, Karl, who used to live in Zurich. He is now married with two young children, Miriam, 6, and Joshua, 4. Karl is on the right. You know the guy on the left.

Nanny and Papa

The "papa"razzi was caught in action!

We Heart Stockholm

Guess who took this photo?

Something I want to bring back to SF.

A boat from the 1600's, almost fully preserved.

Hot Day in Paradise

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ava in her Prague pool

She will probably kill me someday for posting a video of her like this....but it is cute.