Wednesday, August 27, 2014

South Coast Activities and Friends

 Board paddling, beach time, playground, friends.  SO much fun.  I wish we could have stayed forever.

Board paddling with Kiama Downs nippers on Thursdays

  Zali and Macy

Savannah - blurry, but the only one I have of her and Ava loved her!

Gerringong nippers on Sundays


Gerringong Public School

Friends Tyra and Maddy

Melbourne visit

 We went down to Melbourne for a long weekend to visit Dan, Ame and Auley.  It is SUCH a cool city - great food, coffee, people, things to do.  I love it. I could certainly live there.  And it was amazing to catch up with one of my favorite people in the world, Dan. We went to an awesome little animal park together where they had a great cafe, The Farm Cafe, that I want to copy and paste in CA. We spent all day together and went out to dinner with Dan at night. We also got to see their cute house and amazing vegetable garden surrounding it. Inspiration for us to create some great veggie spaces. We happened to be there during the Comedy Festival too, so we got to see several outdoor shows. Super fun!

P.S. Arlo looks severely abused in these photos - I swear he isn't.  He had several falls this week and looked horrible!

The Farm Cafe

If only Arlo wasn't making a bad face...this could have been such a perfect picture!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My beautiful surfer girl


Visit from Kelly, Eric and Piper!

We were so so lucky that some of our favorite people, Kelly, Eric and Piper, came to visit us in Australia!  It was such a great visit - lots of wonderful food and cafes, hanging around Gerringong, visiting Berry, the South Coast beaches, Shoalhaven Zoo and Sydney.  Katy was able to join in on the fun too, which of course made for lots of laughs. What a memorable trip!

No big deal, I am just holding a wombat. What????