Friday, December 12, 2008

Holidays 2008!

Getting ready for Christmas is fun!  I love my Santa Hat...

I am doing all of my holiday shopping online

On our way to get a Christmas tree!

There were so many trees, it was hard to decide!

I helped Mommy decorate the tree

Here is our tree after being decorated!

Logan came over one day to play while his mommy had some work to do!  We had fun in the park! Logan is quite the soccer player...

We also played at home - it was fun!

Nina had her first birthday party.  I had a great time playing with her...but she is starting to have an attitude about her toys!  I will have to remind her I am still 7 months older!  Here is me giving her a bad look when she stole her walking toy away from me:

Uncle Adam and Grandpa came to visit - we took Adam out on the Golden Gate bridge.  Uncle Adam liked it, but it was COLD!

Papa sleeping on the couch after Thanksgiving dinner...I guess turkey really does make you tired!

Eating brunch, with my big blue eyes!

I love riding the carousel!
Playing at Buena Vista playground in the water

Crawling around my Hayes Valley playground - I come here all the time!

Weeeeeeee!  I love when Daddy throws me in the air!

Cindy Loo Who hair....with cereal and milk