Monday, January 23, 2012

Arlo's First Photo Shoot

We wanted some newborn shots of Arlo and had some taken at a local inexpensive photography studio.  They did a pretty good job - the first photo is my favorite - I just want to eat him up every time I see it! It is already framed on our wall. 

Arlo at home

It is so fun to have Arlo at home!  Lots of firsts!  One of his first baths below and just some random shots of him being super cute. Also, Grammy came to visit for 2.5 weeks, which was the MOST HELPFUL thing EVER!  We all loved having her here.  If she wasn't feeding Arlo, she was cooking, cleaning or playing with Ava.  Can you please move in, Grammy?  We love you so much! We all miss you already and can't wait for the next visit.

Uh oh - we wore Grammy out!

Christmas 2011

Our 2011 Christmas was extra special since we had Arlo with us. Ava was so excited for Christmas again this year. We had a quiet Christmas at home since Arlo was just born. Gary came over for Christmas dinner - it was great to spend the day with him. 

You can see that Rudolph kissed Ava again this year by her red nose.  She is so lucky, isn't she?

Ava's awesome new kitchen from Santa (handmade by elves Jill & Dave)

Here is a video from Christmas morning - right after Ava came to wake us up!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hanging in the hospital

I admit - I love the hospital.  So much in fact that I often mistakenly call it a hotel.  I didn't want to leave. Somehow, it is a super relaxing place for me.  We only had the TV on once - otherwise, we just enjoyed Arlo, read quietly, slept or talked with guests.  It was SO nice.  My 5 days there went by way to fast and I am secretly sad that I will never have another stay in CPMC maternity :(

Ava meets Arlo for the first time

Nanny and Papa were there to visit Arlo on his first day!

The view from my room (room 452)

Our fancy steak celebration dinner on the final night

Dressed to go home!

Off we go!