Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summa Time 2009

The fourth of July was fun at Luke's house! They had a block party and all kinds of blow up slides and pools. I had a wonderful time.

And I love spending any time I can with Luke!

We also went to the Alameda County Fair on weekend of the 4th. I loved riding on the rides (I can't believe I am old enough!) and riding a horse, seeing all the barn animals and eating ice cream!

Here I am riding a ride from Neverland Ranch. I am so cool. It was actually my favorite ride and I went on it three times.

Playing in the Delta on the beach. We were out with Erin and John on their boat! I loved it the whole time and thought Mom and Dad cut it up on the wakeboard!

Here is a video of Ava seeing her new quilt that Grammy made for her bed! Obviously, she loved it!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Father's Day - Love My Daddy!

For Father's Day, we surprised Daddy with a trip to Costanoa! We stayed in a tent cabin, did some bike riding, hanging out in Pescadero and went to Santa Cruz boardwalk the last day! It was a blast!

On our bike ride to the lighthouse:

In Pescadero:

In our tent cabin - I loved it!

At the Santa Cruz boardwalk (I can go on rides by myself now!):

Random cute ones...

Playing with friends!

Bath at Audrey's house

Playing with my new friends at the beach - we met that day! The little girl's name is Ava too - I think it is the start of a wonderful new friendship!

Audrey sleeps over!

Playing in the water at Oliver's house - Lucy was there as well!