Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Little Mole....

Ava's first day of swim lessons - her class goes every Friday!

On the way to the pool - just a short walk through the park

How cute is Ava's new 20's inspired swimsuit?

I can't believe Ava looks so grown up in the pool!

A doctor visited the school to explain her job!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ava at her new school in Prague!

Learning to play a Math game on the computer

Ecology lesson - they made a volcano!

Eating lunch

At the theater to watch her first play!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our new home

Our street

Our building
Our bedroom

Ava's room

Downstairs bath

Downstairs living room
On the way upstairs

Dining area


Upstairs living room


Guest room - waiting for guests!

Guest bath

Terrace - can't wait to bbq!

Terrace view

First pictures in Prague

Easter 2010

For the third year in row, we went to Easter at Erin's mom and dad's house. They are such a great family to include us in their Easter! Ava has a great time doing the Easter Egg hunt and of course playing with Luke! It was great to see everyone, especially John, Erin, Luke and baby Katelyn.

The only picture I got with Luke and Ava - they play so well together ad wore each other out!


My little girl is getting so big

Easter Egg Hunt with the Geerdinks

Nandita, Jochem and Nina had us over the day before Easter for a delicious brunch and little Easter egg hunt in the courtyard! Nina and Ava had a fun time together searching for eggs and eating candy :)