Monday, April 25, 2011

The Fairy Party

I think every girl, at some point in their life wants a fairy party. Ava wanted one this year, so we invited Miss Amelia to come spread her fairy magic at Ava's 4th birthday party. The kids loved her and her face painting skills were amazing! Ava asked her to come back next week...and next year. We will see :)

Waiting for the guests to arrive!

Watching Miss Amelia intensely!

Ava scored a little puppy she named "Bubbles" from Miss Amelia, while the other kids got animal balloons!

The cute couple matched for the occasion!

Time for cake!

Ava turns 4!

We celebrated on her actual birthday, April 13, by giving Ava her new bike and having dinner and cake with Uncle Gary! Ava likes her new bike, if you can't tell. Riding it around the house was a special birthday activity - then the bike was relegated to the garage and outdoors!

Ava is decked out below in the new princess costume that Uncle Gary gave her and is blowing out her birthday cake candles!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ava in Temecula

Our wonderful photographer friend Daren, who we visited in Temecula along with his wife Chrissy and cutie pie boys Jake and Zak, took this picture of Ava. We were at a winery that had a sweet playground for the kiddies, while we say and ate our lunch and drank wine. It was so fun to see them after SOOO long! We can't wait for the next visit! Sad I don't have any pictures of all of them. We were bad photographers that day - meaning, no camera was with us :(

Monday, April 18, 2011

Road Trip - LA

Our next road trip stop was Venice Beach to visit Raeann and Garrett. We had a great time at Benihana for dinner and then a nice sunny brunch in Santa Monica. Then Ava and I hung out at Venice Beach playground (with Zach Morris!) and then went to the Santa Monica pier for some rides and cotton candy!

Road Trip - Santa Barbara

We had a girls road trip over Ava's Spring Break and our first stop was Santa Barbara. We stayed in the El Capitan Canyon resort in a cabin, which we both loved. Ava was and has been talking about the cabin for weeks. She really wants to go back!

We went on a hike in the Canyon to see the Llamas!

Ava got a llama of her own at the general store.

Charlotte visit

Ava and Jill surprised Uncle Adam for his 21st birthday in Charlotte. We didn't get to take a lot of photos, but here are a few in Uncle Ralph and Aunt Carey's backyard, where we played one afternoon!

Ava, Tyler and Aunt Carey, who was the master bubble maker!

Uncle Adam and his buddy Spencer. Spencer loves Adam - it is so sweet.

Uncle Ralph and cousin Tyler

Day at the Beach

San Francisco has had some really great winter weather. Here, on Spring Break, Ava had a beautiful 85 degree day to play at Crissy Field. Lucky girl!

Contemplating life as a kid