Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend in Tábor

The evening view from our weekend getaway hotel room - the PRESIDENTIAL SUITE! It was definitely one of the nicest hotel rooms we have ever stayed in.

From hight atop the bell tower of the church above....

On a brisk...not short, but super cold walk along the water. Ava was chillllllllly, but all wrapped up in her blanket, so better off than us. It was unseasonably cold, but well-suited for a medieval town.

Mother's Day at Karlstejn Castle

This was the coolest castle ever and such a fun Mother's Day! Fun fact - Karlstejn's sister city is Orinda, CA, which is near San Francisco. Our friends Libby, Paul, Allison, Sam and Luke are moving there soon!

Prague Castle

Ava's favorite new toy - thanks to DreamWorks.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A stroll after dinner

And this is what we see. An amazing view of Prague Castle.


Our first weekend trip since moving to Prague was Vienna - a beautiful, magical and musical city. We all had a wonderful time.

On the train to Vienna!

As soon as we got off the train, Ava was excited to see her boyfriend Logan in Vienna! Albeit on a giant billboard. It isn't really him, but sure looks like him!

The old, giant cathedral in the center of Vienna. From the 13th century!

We took a carriage tour of Vienna, seemed fitting, and Ava was dying to do it, well...Mom too.

Vienna at dusk

Pouting after a long, 10-hour day of exploring. It is time for bed.

Mozart's house - apparently the nicest in his life

Strolling around a beautiful park in Vienna...picking flowers again!

At a beautiful cafe in the park, from Ava's perspective

Of course we found a playground along the way to waste an hour...

We saw a sign that there was some sort of Spring Festival going on, so we took the train there. It was an amusement park (with a festival at it) and it had the CRAZIEST rides. Pretty much any ride that would be illegal in the US, was here. Needless to say, the only thing Ava could safely ride on was the giant slide. She loved it!

Sigmund Freud's house - it was a cool place to see!