Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas decor

Getting the Christmas Tree

We made the trek to Santos Christmas Tree Farm this year again.  We went here 2 years ago and Ava loved it.  There is a train ride, 600 acres of trees, Santa's workshop with yummy treats and just an overall fun time.  Ava had a blast.  This year, Dave found our perfect tree.  It was a gorgeous day in the Bay and is a fun holiday tradition for our little family!

This is our tree!  Dave found it after searching for a while. Ava is such a tree hugger.

That looks like one big baby in there!

Dave starts cutting down the tree

Waiting for the train ride

It snowed while we were there!  Well, it was 60 degrees...and these were bubbles, but festive none-the-less!

The tree -  trimmed and ready for Christmas!

Ava's new hangout

After seeing a cool indoor tent on Pinterest, we decided to make Ava one of her very own!  It turned out great!  She loves it and it looks super cute in her room

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011 - Trick or Treating with Logan

Ava decided early on to be a mermaid this year, after seeing the costume in a catalog.  After a big day at school celebrating Halloween with a parade, pinata and party - we headed over to Logan's house for a pre-trick or treating pizza party.  Then, we went to the NOPA Halloween party and trick or treated along the closed-off streets.  After about 8 houses - Logan and Ava were done!  Silly kids - I wanted Ava to get more candy so I could steal it, but she was done.  She had enough candy.  Such self-control.  Then, we headed back to Logan's to wind down and even after consuming candy for a few hours, Ava and Logan colored quietly on the floor.  Such good kids we have!  It was a successful and fun night all around.