Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011 - Trick or Treating with Logan

Ava decided early on to be a mermaid this year, after seeing the costume in a catalog.  After a big day at school celebrating Halloween with a parade, pinata and party - we headed over to Logan's house for a pre-trick or treating pizza party.  Then, we went to the NOPA Halloween party and trick or treated along the closed-off streets.  After about 8 houses - Logan and Ava were done!  Silly kids - I wanted Ava to get more candy so I could steal it, but she was done.  She had enough candy.  Such self-control.  Then, we headed back to Logan's to wind down and even after consuming candy for a few hours, Ava and Logan colored quietly on the floor.  Such good kids we have!  It was a successful and fun night all around.

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