Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of Preschool!

In a tradition that will last as long as I can take it - Mommy will be taking a photo of me on the first day of school. Here I am today on my first day of preschool at Little Wonders Montessori!

Vegas, baby

We went to visit Kelly and Eric in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Obviously I enjoyed the M&M factory - evidence is smeared all over my face.

Mommy's friends/My friends

We joined a "mom's group" when I was 5-weeks old. 2.5 years later, we are still great friends with them all and spend lots of time together. I am so happy to have so many friends that I have known my whole life - and Mommy loves that she has their mom's as friends too :) Here is our latest BBQ!

Notice how Ava hogs the Pirates Booty and her friends act shocked by her actions.....

That's's my Booty!

Teresa and Libby are the latest in our group that are pregnant (minus Gretchen who is missing)...and actually Libby just had her twins last week! Seriously, she doesn't even look big enough to be having one baby (Libby is on the right).

Dad was enjoying the BBQ - he has friends too, he just looks lonely in this picture :)

The other Ava's birthday

I have a new friend named Ava who turned 2 a short while ago. I had a great time at her birthday party! She has a fabulous roof deck with kiddie pools all over it! I was in them all day, despite the cloudy weather. I guess I love water!


We went to Orange County at the end of July to visit with Nanny and Papa (who flew in from Scottsdale). We went to Disneyland for the first time - I was scared of a lot of the rides, but enjoyed some of them and loved the Mickey Mouse Nanny and Papa brought me! I carried him around the whole day!

Apparently I loved Disneyland best because there are no other photos of the remainder of the weekend! Though, we did spend a lovely time in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach as well :) Enjoy the shots!