Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Out of Africa

Mommy and Daddy went to Tanzania while I stayed with Granny and Grandpa. They were helping people who don't have electricity to get lights. They stayed most of the trip in a small town called Kayanga on the Rwanda border, west of Lake Victoria, but also went on a safari through the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara. They say it was their most amazing trip ever!

The people involved:


The dissigno intern, Joel, and his girlfriend, CynthiaRobert, who was hired in Kayanga to help out

The project - pedal power to replace kerosene lamps with LED lights:

Around Kayanga:

Samuel was a local man and one of the most genuine people - he received the first light and was overwhelmingly grateful:

Visiting Samuel and his family:

Lunch everyday at Mama Roida's:

The children were captivating:

Particularly a little girl named Olivia - Mommy said they saw her everyday and wanted to bring her home!

A positive sign before the election:
Around Lake Victoria:

Leaving Kayanga for safari:

On safari:

Masaii Village:

I can't wait until I get to join Mommy and Daddy on a future trip!