Friday, August 31, 2012

Summertime in Sonoma

 We have been loving our summer in Sonoma!  It is hard to leave and go back to the city.  Maybe we are country folks after all.  

Thanks Cameron for the great pictures!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

7 months!

Little Arlo Malone is sitting up like a pro, so no more photos lying down.  He is also lunging forward onto his hands and knees and then promptly falls onto his tummy.  He is trying to scoot around though - I imagine crawling won't be too far ahead. This month he has become a hungry hungry hippo, consuming real food and formula like never before.  He also has fallen in love with "puffs".  Ahh, the invention of solid food that melts in your mouth so you don't need teeth.  He loves the feeling of them.  He is still such a wonderful, calm, mellow, HAPPY, baby. Ava loves him more than ever because he watches and responds to her every move.  It is hard to love someone who adores you so much.  What joy and happiness this little guy brings us every day.  I count my lucky stars often that I have such a wonderful little boy.

A Williams kind of day

People know we are very active.  We don't sit around.  We buy a house and fully renovate it in 3.5 months, while having a baby.  Just the most recent example. We don't just make brunch plans on a Saturday or Sunday.  We make brunch, lunch and dinner plans, with some museum, playground and putt-putt in between.  Logan had a Williams-style day recently while Sarah and Charlie moved their stuff into their new Menlo Park home.  I was told he was worn out at the end of the day - and probably thinking how happy he is that his parents are much more mellow :)

We went to brunch at the Grove together, then played at Coyote Point playground, stopped for a snack lunch, went to the museum there (former Coyote Point Museum, now CuriOdyssey) and then went to putt-putt before taking Logan home and heading to dinner ourselves!

Checking out the harbor seals - they were crazy!

Still the closest of friends - I love it

Putt-putt was fun, but Ava's competitive nature (mom's genes) and Logan's freak talent at mini-golf didn't always fare well.

Next Tiger? Look at the form!


Here is a very special photo that Gary took of me and Arlo.  I love it.  I love Arlo.  He is so special to me and this photo shows the immense feelings I have for him. 

This is also a special photo.  Not because it shows immense love, but because it shows that Dave is special.  Not everyone could rock a purple blazer like that at Target.  Looks like Ava might be able to someday...

Perfect day for a hike

Ava and Arlo are at the perfect age for taking hikes.  Arlo sits in the backpack and Ava is a trooper and hikes pretty far (4 miles on this hike!). Of course the last mile we bribed her with Skittles, but it worked.

It was a rare clear day at Land's End, so we hiked from the parking lot to China Beach and back.  It was so relaxing and a great way to hang out on a Sunday.

Arlo's first time in the backpack!  He loved it.

Coffee from the new Land's End visitor center - great addition to the area

Mother and Daughter

I am loving this...

Ava's hiking stance for photos - as taught by Gary. And of course Ava had to wear her Camel Pak that she got from Santa.  She stayed well hydrated.

A beautiful day for a hike


This really explains my frame of mind lately (it comes from a semi-famous blogger).  I love Ava and Arlo more than I could ever express. 

"One day, my children will be out in the world somewhere, perhaps even learning the same lessons I am now. And I will be missing these days, when I was the thing that they needed most. And in my mother heart I will be mourning for the very moments that I sometimes try to wish away now. I will long for a crying infant that needs to be shh shh shh’d late into the night, or for a fussy little girl who doesn’t want to go to bed, (or to eat her dinner). One day I will long for the high pitch squeal of a little girl’s laughter in my ears or for the weight of their tiny bodies when I hold them in my arms.

I am trying to embrace the present all of the time."

Alameda County Fair 2012

We have been going to the Alameda County Fair for 5 years now. It is a summer tradition and Ava talks about it all year asking when it is, much like Christmas and her birthday.  That is how high it ranks.  This year, she told us she was going to ride the sheep (a kids version of a bucking bronco or bull).  They actually gear the kids up and put them on top of a live sheep, let it out of the cage and they run across the arena with the kid (6 and under) holding on.  Most kids fall off within 2-3 seconds and eat dirt, but a few last longer.  Ava has been saying all year she was going to do it this year (her mom's genes).  She signed up, got geared up and was next in line.  But she chickened out (her dad's genes).  Oh well, we had a fun time imagining her doing it and had fun the rest of the day at the Fair anyway!

This is a photo when we thought she was going to go through with it.

Arlo waiting to see his sister on the sheep!

Next in line!

Arlo and Dad watching Ava go down the big slide.  Two cutest boys on the planet.

Grammy, Grandpa and Uncle Adam visit

 A few photos from Mom, Dad and Adam's trip to San Francisco.  They came primarily for the US Open, at which they had an amazing time, but also went to a Giants game, Santa Cruz and much more.  We loved having them all here - it was 6 years ago at our wedding the last time they were all here together!

Adam enjoying a beer at Lucky Strike before we started bowling! He acted like he got drunk, even though he only finished about half.  But, he has such a low tolerance...maybe he was.

Dave and Ava waiting for the Ferry back from Alcatraz

We arrive at Alcatraz!

The boys at Santa Cruz boardwalk.  Adam is playing a scam game, trying to break plates with a soft ball. Weird, he didn't win.

 Turns out Ava loves Santa Cruz.  Go figure.  She loves roller coasters and cotton candy, so we should have known.  She is obsessed with the log ride.  This was her first time, but she went on it 4 more times!

Preschool graduation

I can't believe it is that time.  Time for Ava to be 5, graduated from preschool and moving on to the big time.  In less than 2 weeks time, she will start kindergarten.  I remember being in the hospital, holding her for the first time like it was yesterday and here she is a grown girl.  I keep telling her every year to stop growing, but she doesn't listen!  

We will miss Treehouse Preschool on Agua Way.  Teacher Pam, Melissa, Josh and Amy (and Olivia) will always have a special place in our hearts!

Don't pay attention to the fact that her preschool graduation photos are horrible.  Turns out the lighting was bad and I only had my iPhone.  Oh well.  

Ava is excited for graduation!

Charlie waiting to get his "diploma" from Teacher Josh and medal from Olivia.  Charlie and Ava said they wanted to marry each other and have 2 kids.

Ava said she wants to become a doctor who takes out babies when she gets older!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Potpourri of photos

 Arlo enjoying the Sonoma weather...and sitting up!

 Arlo loving to eat!
 Arlo asleep and looking like Logan in all his gear!

 Big shoes to fill - in Papa's shoes!

 Contemplating food again...
 At off the grid in Golden Gate Park with Gary, Mom and Ava!

 Arlo loves sneaking into Ava's closet and playing with all her stuffies!

 Brother and sister - they love each other more than I could have imagined.

 Mom and Arlo at Central Market in Petaluma - yum!

Ava and Dad at Central Market

 Grammy and Grandpa and Uncle Adam visit - and Arlo and Ava get some Giants hats from the game!

 Cutie Ava getting high off her frozen yogurt and 10 pounds of gummy candy on top