Wednesday, August 8, 2012

7 months!

Little Arlo Malone is sitting up like a pro, so no more photos lying down.  He is also lunging forward onto his hands and knees and then promptly falls onto his tummy.  He is trying to scoot around though - I imagine crawling won't be too far ahead. This month he has become a hungry hungry hippo, consuming real food and formula like never before.  He also has fallen in love with "puffs".  Ahh, the invention of solid food that melts in your mouth so you don't need teeth.  He loves the feeling of them.  He is still such a wonderful, calm, mellow, HAPPY, baby. Ava loves him more than ever because he watches and responds to her every move.  It is hard to love someone who adores you so much.  What joy and happiness this little guy brings us every day.  I count my lucky stars often that I have such a wonderful little boy.

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