Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween at Little Mole

Ava is the cute pink fairy on the left at her school Halloween party. Even though Halloween is not really celebrated in the Czech Republic, it is starting to be observed....because it is so fun! She picked out her costume and is obviously into really girly things this year :) At least she didn't pick a cat, which she was the past 2 years. She looked so cute!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cesky Krumlov - an Autumn fairytale

Ava's scary face...not so scary!

Out for a walk on a Fall Day

Looking for Logan on the field....
Ava is becoming a pro at hopscotch!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Sultan Dave - first at dinner and then after the Turkish Baths (what an experience!). He was taking the royalty thing a bit too far. We had to hold him back inside the harem!

Topkapi - Sultan's palace during the Ottoman Empire. The harem was the most interesting area - such a crazy life!

Some shots from Ava...she is becoming quite the photographer

Yummmmm, the sweet shops were amazing. We had our fair share of all kinds of Baklava!

Gary was with us on the trip..on his way back from Africa!

The Grand Bazaar - more than 4,000 shops! Move over Mall of America with your 400 shops....pffft!

Ava below is giving some annoyed looks towards her admirers. It was actually CRAZY in Instanbul how much people loved Ava. She had at least 50 pictures taken of her and people would swoop over and pick her up, kiss her, pinch her cheeks and ooh and ahh at her. She was a Rock Star! Literally every person we passed said something about her. It was surreal. She would have totally been picked to be in the Sultan's harem back in the day.....(which was a huge honor and great those days).

The Blue Mosque

A crazy underground water system built in the 1500's.

Hagia Sophia - an amazing building

Ava took control in the Hagia Sophia....