Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Morning walk

Arlo is so funny these days with his walking.  He loves to just quietly walk around the house and explore.  Sometimes he hums. He does it every morning pretty much.  I captured it yesterday.

Flag Day

It was a holiday here on Monday - Flag day - kind of like our 4th of July.  The day that Aruba adopted its country flag and national anthem in 1976.  People are very serious about their flags here - most cars have them flying - some on both sides.  We got one so we could fit in.  With all the hype of people flying their flags, the funny thing is that we went all over on Flag Day to find fun festivals, parades, parties, anything.  But, couldn't find a thing.  They don't do Flag Day like we do 4th of July.  So, we settled on Happy Hour at Moomba Beach - our favorite hang out.  Ava and Arlo had a blast playing in the sand and on the big bean bags.  Arlo took a little break too and chilled out when it started raining.  Apparently he liked laying there getting rained on.

Pam's Birthday

 We have had a bunch of birthdays since we have been here.  Dave and I had our birthdays already and now Pam had her 29th birthday this week.  Ava is up next on April 13.

We made Pam a cute heart cake - she also got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a "friend" back in CA.  Ava also gave her a nice candle and a frame with a photo of the two of them so she could decorate her room more.  Arlo gave her some heart tissues and we gave her a nice bottle of champagne.  We also went out early in the morning before she woke up to get a crazy, indulgent doughnut for her to have for breakfast with a candle in it.  No better way to start your birthday morning!

Happy Birthday Pam!  We love you!


 We had a gorgeous sunset last night.  After a week full of cloudy sunsets, which are still beautiful in their own way, it was super clear and the sun was huge.  We went on top of our pool waterfall viewing deck and enjoyed it with a few Balashi Chills.

Ava taking some pictures - but she gave equal weight to the half moon that had risen straight above her, which she is photographing here

 Dave, Arlo and our yard from above

Ava and her silly ways

Washi tape art

I brought a bunch of rolls of washi tape with us on our trip - it has proved useful in so many ways!  I have created artwork all over the house, made cards, cake decorations, etc. So glad I brought it because it really allows us to add some of our personality into the house.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Philips Animal Garden

 Ava's 2nd field trip in Aruba was to Philips Animal Garden in Aruba. It is a super cute animal rescue park in Aruba.  We were the only people there and got a wonderful private tour from Papa, Handsome, Emilio Gomez - he told us he goes by all three.  He was a character.

I must say, I was completely surprised by how cool this place was.  They had a LOT of animals/birds and have done such great things to rescue malnutritioned/abused animals and nurse them back to health.  We will definitely return.

A big bull - but super sweet.  It was eating from us and Papa said sometimes it jumps over the fence to show off!

 There were a lot of goats - a miniature type - they were super cute.  There were a ton of babies too - some only a couple days old!

 This little guy was only one day old. It was adorable.  I want one.

 They had some rescued house cats as well - this one had a perfect heart on its side.  So adorable.  If I wasn't leaving Aruba in 3 months, I would have taken her home.

A miniature horse - so cute

 Papa made Ava a little mouse out of a coconut - she loved it.  It is still in our refridgerator to extend its lifespan :)

Someone got worn out on the trip

My Room!



Arlo is such a flirt.  Every time we are in a restaurant - he is looking all over for girls to flirt with.  Here is his flirty face - I fall for it, wouldn't you?