Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Flag Day

It was a holiday here on Monday - Flag day - kind of like our 4th of July.  The day that Aruba adopted its country flag and national anthem in 1976.  People are very serious about their flags here - most cars have them flying - some on both sides.  We got one so we could fit in.  With all the hype of people flying their flags, the funny thing is that we went all over on Flag Day to find fun festivals, parades, parties, anything.  But, couldn't find a thing.  They don't do Flag Day like we do 4th of July.  So, we settled on Happy Hour at Moomba Beach - our favorite hang out.  Ava and Arlo had a blast playing in the sand and on the big bean bags.  Arlo took a little break too and chilled out when it started raining.  Apparently he liked laying there getting rained on.

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