Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Philips Animal Garden

 Ava's 2nd field trip in Aruba was to Philips Animal Garden in Aruba. It is a super cute animal rescue park in Aruba.  We were the only people there and got a wonderful private tour from Papa, Handsome, Emilio Gomez - he told us he goes by all three.  He was a character.

I must say, I was completely surprised by how cool this place was.  They had a LOT of animals/birds and have done such great things to rescue malnutritioned/abused animals and nurse them back to health.  We will definitely return.

A big bull - but super sweet.  It was eating from us and Papa said sometimes it jumps over the fence to show off!

 There were a lot of goats - a miniature type - they were super cute.  There were a ton of babies too - some only a couple days old!

 This little guy was only one day old. It was adorable.  I want one.

 They had some rescued house cats as well - this one had a perfect heart on its side.  So adorable.  If I wasn't leaving Aruba in 3 months, I would have taken her home.

A miniature horse - so cute

 Papa made Ava a little mouse out of a coconut - she loved it.  It is still in our refridgerator to extend its lifespan :)

Someone got worn out on the trip

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