Sunday, December 23, 2012


Time with friends

Nandita said it so well in the email she sent along with these pictures today from our brunch.  We have grown together as friends so amazingly well. As 2013 arrives, we are staring down 10 years of friendship through which we bar-hopped several nights a week, went drunk camping, snowboarding, and more.  And now, we spend time together with our families and our kids have become wonderful friends.  It is a pretty magical thing. To be able to weather through 10 years of major changes for both of our families and still be the closest of friends, is super special.  I know these guys will be our friends for eternity.  And who knows, maybe someday we will all live on a lake in Wisconsin.  Stranger things have happened :)

Hunting for the perfect tree

We went to the same Christmas tree farm we have been going to for a few years.  It has become a tradition, even though the trees are far from perfect looking and they die pretty quick.  But, we love it there.  We are thinking maybe in future years we will go there for the fun, and then get a tree at one of the lots in San Francisco where the trees are so full and nice and last for weeks on end without getting dry!

In any case, we had a good time running around the fields and finding our "perfect" tree - chosen by Ava again.  We also loved the little train and for the first year EVER, Ava talked to Santa.  Pretty amazing.  Arlo didn't look too thrilled about it, but we were just amazed we were able to get a picture of any sort.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Crazy Talent

Ok, this is the last batch of photos from Charlie from that lovely day in the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.  He is so crazy talented.  I just love every single picture.  I am going to need to invest in a LOT of frames because I want every single one hanging in my house.  Too bad we are becoming roamers for the next year or so - at least I have them on the blog in the meantime and I can look at them anytime I want!  One last heartfelt thank you thank you thank you Charlie.  I just love you and your pictures. We are so lucky to have you and your family as some of our closest friends ever.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas card 2012 - coming your way!

This is a sneak peak at our 2012 Christmas card - coming your way any day now!

Happy Holidays!

Ava went ice skating with Dad a few weeks ago and still held onto the side the whole time.  2 weeks later she went with me, and she was skating almost the whole time without even holding  my hand!  She had so much fun! Steep learning curve apparently.

11 Months...just in time!

Given Arlo is turning 1 (yes, 1 already!) on Friday,  I needed to get the 11 month photo up!  As the months went on, these photos became harder and harder to take.  This little guy just wants to move constantly.  But I am so happy I stuck with it, because I want to do something fun with each of the monthly photos.  Not sure what yet. Also, he is vocalizing more and more.  I am pretty sure he says banana, which is new.  This is in addition to Mama, Dada and Ava, which he has been saying for a few months.He is the BIGGEST eater ever.  He eats more than me sometimes, and definitely more than Ava ALL the time.  He is walking around everything and can stand without holding on to anything.  I sense that soon enough he will be walking around on his own.  It makes me sad.  The whole first birthday makes me sad.  This year went by so fast and my last baby is already on a fast track to not being a baby anymore.  It is tough, since I love babies so much.  But, I love little Arlo more than ever and I look at pictures of him all day and smile and laugh and think about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful little boy in my life.  It is making me tear up as I write this. I just love him more than I could have ever imagined.

Friday, December 7, 2012

10 months

This is a little late, yes, very late.  This boy in almost 12 months!  Oh well, I did take the picture when he was 10 months still.  At 10 months he was exploring, exploring, exploring.  He crawled everywhere and got new bruises everyday from pulling himself up on things and forgetting he was holding himself up and then smack his head.  I guess every new crawler/walker has this phase.  Arlo is still the most smiley, happy baby ever.  We can't wait when he wakes up in the morning, when he comes home from the nanny or wakes up from a nap, so we can play with him.  He makes life so fun.  He is also a huge eater.  You can definitely tell he is a boy!  He eats more than Ava already and it isn't rare for him to eat oatmeal, a whole banana and a fruit pouch for breakfast. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012


We went to a beautiful wedding recently between an old work friend of mine (Kristine) and her lovely (now) husband.  The ceremony was in Golden Gate Park - Ava and Arlo were there for the ceremony on a rare hot and sunny October day. The reception was at a gallery downtown and we went sans kids.  It was one of the best receptions we have ever been to - they had dragon dancers, which were amazing and the food was delicious. The bride and groom had a dish each that their mother's made growing up (Japanese and Filipino).  We had a blast.

Wild Blue Yonder

 Dave finally cashed in the gift certificate I gave him for his birthday last year.  He flew around the Sonoma Valley in a vintage biplane, and also did flips and tricks.  He loved it!  Maybe someday Ava and I will do it as well.

This and That

 A bunch of random Arlo and Ava shots.

Eating - one of his favorite past times.  He eats SO much, it is unbelievable!

His cute little naked bum.  He loves helping with the dishes.

Sunset in Half Moon Bay after eating at Sam's Chowder House.  We spent the weekend at Costa Noa in a cabin and went to our favorite pumpkin patch.

 Playing around in front of our Sonoma House

  In the bath - he goes crazy any time he hears water running, because he wants to get a bath.  He goes nuts in the tub!

Ava at soccer - she was on the Miraloma Ice Dragons.  Not sure soccer is her sport, but it was fun to try and hang out with her Miraloma classmates!

The mobile I made for Sarah and Charlie's nursery.  Baby Penelope is going to enjoy looking at it soon!

Smiley boy

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Halloween

Ava and Nina showing off their costumes a few days after Halloween. Nandita made Nina's costume this year - isn't it great? 



Ava's class field trip to the Pumpkin Farm.

Lets see if I can get all the names right:

Front row: Brandon, Dailey, Imogen, Not sure, Paloma, Jasper, Ava, Alexa, Immanuel, Noah
Back row: Zoe, Ben, Tyrell, Santiago, Ella, Ryan, Alkinoos, Chemnui, Nicola, Katya 

So, all but one.  Pretty good.

A closer shot of Arlo's  costume.  It was super cute off, but he wiggled so much, you couldn't exactly tell what he was with it on.  Oh well - good effort.