Tuesday, December 11, 2012

11 Months...just in time!

Given Arlo is turning 1 (yes, 1 already!) on Friday,  I needed to get the 11 month photo up!  As the months went on, these photos became harder and harder to take.  This little guy just wants to move constantly.  But I am so happy I stuck with it, because I want to do something fun with each of the monthly photos.  Not sure what yet. Also, he is vocalizing more and more.  I am pretty sure he says banana, which is new.  This is in addition to Mama, Dada and Ava, which he has been saying for a few months.He is the BIGGEST eater ever.  He eats more than me sometimes, and definitely more than Ava ALL the time.  He is walking around everything and can stand without holding on to anything.  I sense that soon enough he will be walking around on his own.  It makes me sad.  The whole first birthday makes me sad.  This year went by so fast and my last baby is already on a fast track to not being a baby anymore.  It is tough, since I love babies so much.  But, I love little Arlo more than ever and I look at pictures of him all day and smile and laugh and think about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful little boy in my life.  It is making me tear up as I write this. I just love him more than I could have ever imagined.

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