Friday, March 20, 2015

Tennessee Valley

Another gorgeous winter day.  Biked from our Mill Valley house to the beach and back. We have it rough out here in CA.

Sonoma bike riding

Beautiful Sonoma winter day.  Bike riding, picnics and amazing people.

Thank you for some lovely photos, as always, Charlie Miles!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Valentines Day braid

From Sweden

 The second grade class has a big unit on immigration and they hold a big immigration day.  They all dress up and have to pretend to leave their countries (Ava was from Sweden) and go through passport control, get their boat tickets, go on the boat, then immigrate, go through medical, passport control, intelligence test and then be sworn in as American.  It was so cute!

Vegas, baby

 We had an awesome weekend trip with Sara and Brad to Vegas...and we met up with Kelly while there! The best part was that we "learned" how to play craps and couldn't lose!  Seriously, I am not sure you CAN lose at craps. We made enough money to pay for the weekend and pay for our babysitter for the whole weekend!

My cute boy