Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Halloween

Ava and Nina showing off their costumes a few days after Halloween. Nandita made Nina's costume this year - isn't it great? 



Ava's class field trip to the Pumpkin Farm.

Lets see if I can get all the names right:

Front row: Brandon, Dailey, Imogen, Not sure, Paloma, Jasper, Ava, Alexa, Immanuel, Noah
Back row: Zoe, Ben, Tyrell, Santiago, Ella, Ryan, Alkinoos, Chemnui, Nicola, Katya 

So, all but one.  Pretty good.

A closer shot of Arlo's  costume.  It was super cute off, but he wiggled so much, you couldn't exactly tell what he was with it on.  Oh well - good effort.

Halloween, finally

We spent Halloween with Sarah, Olga (Sarah's mom) and Logan in Menlo Park.  We trick or treated in a crazy Wisteria Lane-type neighborhood that was eerily perfect.  It was actually perfect for trick or treating.  Ava was an octopus, as you can see and Arlo was sushi!  The costumes were both homemade this year and I loved them.  I want to try to make them every year if I can. Hard work, but it pays off. 

More Cocoa!

More photos from our dolphin encounter at Sea World.  The first one is their new ad campaign picture.  Not really, but how perfect does Sarah look?

Charlie used his magic to doctor up the photos we bought from the Sea World photographers - they look great now, don't they?  Also, pay close attention to the photo bombing family in the bottom pictures.  Apparently the whole time we did our encounter, the mom was yelling that it was her kids turn.  I was so dazzled by Cocoa that I didn't even notice.  But, what she didn't know is that you pay the big bucks to get to do what we did. 

More from Charlie!

 More crazy adorable and wonderful pictures from Charlie Miles.  I love him. He makes us all look so good.

Sneak peak at our Christmas card!