Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hike to Stinson Beach

Chinatown field trip

 I went with Ava's class to Chinatown for a field trip - what a fun day! The guide made the trip incredible. She was so funny - most of it went over the kids heads, but the adults thought she was hilarious. I learned a lot and saw some sights I have never seen before and the kids were so good and polite and ate all the food at lunch.  I am so happy I get to do these things with Ava.

Ava's bestie Mia 

The crazy grocery store that is so cheap....and has some crazy stuff in it. I thought Bangkok was crazy, but you can get all the same stuff here!


 I mean, wow, what a gorgeous town. We haven't been to Carmel in years and decided on a whim on our way home from Pasadena and Disneyland to stop there for the night.  We stayed in a super cute little motel/hotel and spent the next day at the Mission, the beach and had a nice lunch and walk around. I can see why the housing prices are sky high!

It was hilarious that the kids decided to peruse the Bible. Even funnier that Arlo was saying "Booba says blah blah blah and Booba says that" Booba = Buddha.


 So, turns out we didn't take pretty much any "Disney-esque" pictures while at Disneyland.  Doh! We got a few cute pictures of very happy kids though.  They enjoyed every minute and it was so much fun to take them.  I can't wait until next time!