Friday, October 31, 2014

Ramseys and Sri Lanka

We saw the Ramseys in Singapore, Bangkok, Australia and now Sri Lanka.  How fun! It made our trip around the world so much better to be able to see some of our best friends in some awesome places. 

Where we stayed was ok I guess :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Galle and Gary

 We ventured into Galle quite a bit.  Almost every other day I would say. Most of it is like any other developing world town - markets, dead animals/fish lying around for sale, craziness. But, the Galle Fort has some spectacular architecture and cute shops and a few nice cafes.  Worth a visit for sure! Namal always drove us in to Galle in his Tuk Tuk.

Notice the giant monitor lizard.  

 The band is back together again.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sri Lanka - short and sweet

We were supposed to be in Sri Lanka for 2 months. Despite it being a beautiful country, with lovely people, amazing landscapes and utterly delicious food, we couldn't stay the full 2 months. Why? The heat. Oh, the heat. The worst we have ever experienced!  And there was no respite. It was impossible to work there. Sweating over our computers with our horrible internet service. And, the horrible internet service. And, sickness. Arlo had a fever every few days. We were told it was "Tropical Fever." What is that you say?  Who knows. He had several rounds of antibiotics and multiple other liquid medicines that I may or may not be able to name. It either worked (he doesn't have "Tropical Fever" anymore.  Or it didn't, and that is why he was sick for weeks on end).  Ava got sick and threw up in the hospital waiting room to the dismay of the nurses hanging around doing nothing. And to top it off, I got sick, passed out, broke a tooth, and got a huge concussion that is still having its effects on me.  The only highlight is the fact that when I went to the hospital, I saw an ER doctor, Neurosurgeon, got a brain scan, saw a Neurosurgeon again and got a prescription for brain swelling and vertigo and it all cost less than $60 and took less than 3 hours. Amazing. I also got my tooth temporarily fixed for $20...and it looked amazing.

So, we left Sri Lanka after one month and went back to Bangkok during a military coup. We thought it was a better idea. But, we did do some fun things while there for a month.  Here are some photos courtesy of Gary Zieff, who visited us early on in the month.

Our house boy - he was so nice. Arlo loved him and wanted to play cricket with him constantly. He had a really good traditional Sri Lankan head nod.

At the local tea plantation. Ceylon = Sri Lanka


Surprise!  A horse.  Ava was happy.