Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Prague from the eye of a great photographer

Thanks for letting us borrow your photos, Charlie!

Prague with Logan is a happy place

Ava loved having Logan in Prague and constantly talks about him coming back. His bed is waiting....

Little Mole Best Friends

Nadelka and Laura are Ava's Prague best friends at her preschool Little Mole. They apparently are troublemakers together!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Playing at Ava's Prague Playground

At the Budapest Baths

Catching up

We have been away on holiday and visiting in SF, as many of you know. And the blog has been ignored. We have the pictures, but just need the time to update. In the meantime, I have borrowed pictures from our dear friends Sarah and Charlie, who take beautiful pictures. You will notice the quality is significantly better than normal :) Thanks Miles family!

Taking the overnight train to and from Budapest. Ava loved the concept and slept great - and I am sure we will do it again.

Logan trying to get in on the beer action....just wait 18 more years!

Budapest skyline

Worn out kids

At the rehearsal dinner of Sarah and Charlie's friends - yes, we crashed. It was one of those things where people were asking how we know the bride and groom, and we had to say...umm, we don't. Which ones are they again? It was hard to keep covert with Ava there. We appreciated the invite though and had a blast!

I mean, seriously, can they get any cuter?