Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pam's Birthday

 We have had a bunch of birthdays since we have been here.  Dave and I had our birthdays already and now Pam had her 29th birthday this week.  Ava is up next on April 13.

We made Pam a cute heart cake - she also got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a "friend" back in CA.  Ava also gave her a nice candle and a frame with a photo of the two of them so she could decorate her room more.  Arlo gave her some heart tissues and we gave her a nice bottle of champagne.  We also went out early in the morning before she woke up to get a crazy, indulgent doughnut for her to have for breakfast with a candle in it.  No better way to start your birthday morning!

Happy Birthday Pam!  We love you!

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