Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Grammy, Grandpa and Uncle Adam visit

 A few photos from Mom, Dad and Adam's trip to San Francisco.  They came primarily for the US Open, at which they had an amazing time, but also went to a Giants game, Santa Cruz and much more.  We loved having them all here - it was 6 years ago at our wedding the last time they were all here together!

Adam enjoying a beer at Lucky Strike before we started bowling! He acted like he got drunk, even though he only finished about half.  But, he has such a low tolerance...maybe he was.

Dave and Ava waiting for the Ferry back from Alcatraz

We arrive at Alcatraz!

The boys at Santa Cruz boardwalk.  Adam is playing a scam game, trying to break plates with a soft ball. Weird, he didn't win.

 Turns out Ava loves Santa Cruz.  Go figure.  She loves roller coasters and cotton candy, so we should have known.  She is obsessed with the log ride.  This was her first time, but she went on it 4 more times!

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