Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Perfect day for a hike

Ava and Arlo are at the perfect age for taking hikes.  Arlo sits in the backpack and Ava is a trooper and hikes pretty far (4 miles on this hike!). Of course the last mile we bribed her with Skittles, but it worked.

It was a rare clear day at Land's End, so we hiked from the parking lot to China Beach and back.  It was so relaxing and a great way to hang out on a Sunday.

Arlo's first time in the backpack!  He loved it.

Coffee from the new Land's End visitor center - great addition to the area

Mother and Daughter

I am loving this...

Ava's hiking stance for photos - as taught by Gary. And of course Ava had to wear her Camel Pak that she got from Santa.  She stayed well hydrated.

A beautiful day for a hike

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