Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Williams kind of day

People know we are very active.  We don't sit around.  We buy a house and fully renovate it in 3.5 months, while having a baby.  Just the most recent example. We don't just make brunch plans on a Saturday or Sunday.  We make brunch, lunch and dinner plans, with some museum, playground and putt-putt in between.  Logan had a Williams-style day recently while Sarah and Charlie moved their stuff into their new Menlo Park home.  I was told he was worn out at the end of the day - and probably thinking how happy he is that his parents are much more mellow :)

We went to brunch at the Grove together, then played at Coyote Point playground, stopped for a snack lunch, went to the museum there (former Coyote Point Museum, now CuriOdyssey) and then went to putt-putt before taking Logan home and heading to dinner ourselves!

Checking out the harbor seals - they were crazy!

Still the closest of friends - I love it

Putt-putt was fun, but Ava's competitive nature (mom's genes) and Logan's freak talent at mini-golf didn't always fare well.

Next Tiger? Look at the form!

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