Thursday, July 4, 2013

Missing Sonoma and Welcome to our New Neighbors!

While we are having a fantastic world-wide adventure, we are still missing our lovely cottage in Sonoma.  We just love it there and can't help that we miss those relaxing days at the pool and riding our bikes around town.  The second we arrive there, time seems to instantly slow down.  We miss it, but we know we will be enjoying it again soon in the future.

And, we are so excited to welcome our new neighbors - Charlie, Sarah, Logan and Penelope!  They closed on the house next door this week. Can you beat best friends living next door to your vacation home?  No, no you can't.  We are so excited for our future there together!

Charlie took these lovely pictures when they received the keys to their house this week.  The house is looking wonderful.  I love the yard this time of year!

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