Sunday, July 14, 2013

Exploring San Telmo

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, we decided to explore San Telmo and its famous markets.  They did not disappoint, providing endless stalls of antiques and crafts that were very unique to Argentina.  This country is so amazing with all the beautiful antiques it has - I feel like so often the markets in the US are picked over and it is very hard to find anything worth buying.  Not so here - I want to buy everything, but can't of course because nothing else will fit in my one bag for the world trip. Memories and photos (and maybe the odd tiny keepsake) are all that are coming with me on this trip.

San Telmo is an interesting part of Buenos Aires, known for tango, antiques and coffee shops.  It is a barrio in transition, so you can be on a wonderful block of shops and restaurants, followed by a dilapidated, slightly scary block. Not a good place to be late a night, but fine during the day.


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