Sunday, July 14, 2013

Children's Museum Buenos Aires

 The children's museum in Buenos Aires at the Abasto Shopping Center, which is a gorgeous building that used to be the central vegetable and fruit market for almost 100 years starting in 1893, is an amazing museum.  I wish we had something like this in the Bay Area.  It has 3 floors of different "sets" depicting a grocery store, doctors office, factories, farms, TV set, restaurants, clubs,  and more.  Kids can "work" in each place.....and spend hours on end there.  We were there one afternoon for a few hours and could have easily spent more time there.  The greatest thing is that Ava at 6 and Arlo at 1 had an equally good time. I have a feeling we will be back again.

Making his "brrrrllll!" noise - which he does anytime he plays with a car or truck.

Future cameragirl?

Future soccer star?

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