Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tigre - visiting the delta

Recently we took a train ride to Tigre, a small town on the water outside of Buenos Aires.  We had been there before a few years back, but we spent most of our time on the water exploring the delta.  This time around, we wanted to visit the famous markets.  It was another gorgeous day - seriously, I love Buenos Aires winter!  Just the right amount of chill in the air to make it crisp and fresh, but so often it is sunny.  

The short 45 minute train ride drops you off walking distance to everything.  We strolled along the water following the signs to the markets and admiring all the gorgeous houses, fountains, boats and more. Arlo stood looking at the water through the railing for about 20 minutes and would have stayed longer if we let him.




We stopped for a nice, little lunch after checking out nearly every place in the markets it seemed.  The place we settled on ended up being fine and Arlo was able to hang out in this area and walk around and wave to people.  One of his favorite past times.  I love watching people's surprised faces when he give them a little wave and nod.  Here is the wall he was hanging out on charming passerbys.

Ava just sat and enjoyed her lunch

And afterwards, we rode the carousel in the markets - Arlo's first time actually!

And a quick visit to playground before catching the train back to Buenos Aires at twilight.

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