Monday, August 5, 2013

Four Seasons Carmelo, Uruguay

 We have been to Uruguay before - to Colonia del Sacramento for 3 nights about 3 years ago.  It was a wonderful, quaint town.  This time around we wanted to go again, but wanted to experience a new area.  Many people highly recommended Carmelo - a beautiful town in the countryside of Uruguay and on the river with wonderful views.  The town is indeed very beautiful - rolling green hills, vineyards, farms and blue skies.  There happened to be a Four Seasons property there as well, which was one of the most spectacular hotels we have stayed at.  It was winter holidays for schools in Argentina, so there were a ton of families there with kids (sorry honeymooners!).  It was perfect for us though.  Ava spent her days in the kids club doing scavenger hunts and hide and seek or hanging out with the employees of the hotel, who were so wonderful with kids.  She also met a friend, Isabel, who she played with every day.  It was more than we could have asked for in a 4 day retreat from Buenos Aires.  Santiago, who worked at the front desk of the hotel was especially amazing.  He spent what seemed like hours talking to Ava! I hope to return someday - and would highly recommend this beautiful place to anyone visiting Uruguay.

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