Monday, August 5, 2013

Finca y Granja Narbona & area

 One of the best things about Carmelo was Finca y Granja Narbona - a beautiful property that has vineyards, a dairy, beautiful buildings and more.  They make their own wine, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, pasta and many  more amazing things.  The cheese plate was OFF THE HOOK (as Dave would say in his high voice). The Four Seasons had their amazing yogurt at every breakfast, which Arlo and I thoroughly enjoyed.  I even love the bottles it comes in.  In fact, why does American yogurt not come in awesome bottles?  I may have to change that.  We ate there two nights in a row because we loved it so much. Once with the kids, once without.  It is so dark and romantic there at night and I only had my iPhone, hence the horrible pictures.  But, I wanted to share on the blog about this amazing, magical place that I want to replicate in Sonoma!

Also, an interesting note about Uruguay - most food is local, organic, seasonal - all things we love!  No factory farms or Monsanto to worry about. What an awesome country.



This place was a cute little restaurant on the marina, but was closed (we think??).  We walked in for a late afternoon drink and the waitress didn't even look at us...and we were the only people within miles it seemed.  Oh well, it was pretty!

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