Friday, August 16, 2013

First days in Pisac, Peru

 These are photos from our first 2 days in Pisac.  There are taken from our house...yes OUR HOUSE.  Amazing, isn't it?  The mountains are spectacular, the gardens beautiful, the farm bountiful and the general being of the place is so incredibly peaceful, it could calm any raging bull.  It is exactly what we needed after two months in a huge city.  Endless hours to do nothing much at all but enjoy each others company and breath in the fresh air....and all at 10,000 feet of elevation!

More to come about Pisac, the awesome, tiny town we chose to live in. And of course, more breathtaking photos of mountains, ruins and authentic Peruvians.

Looking at the guinea pigs at our house - unfortunately they are here because they are the national plate of Peru.  They won't be here for long :(

This is Tomasa - one of the caretakers of our house.  She is as authentic Peruvian as they come.  She speaks mostly Quechua, and a tiny bit of conversational Spanish.

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