Thursday, August 8, 2013


We have been so lucky on our trip so far to have had two amazing nannies for Arlo that instantly feel like a part of our family.  We will always remember and keep in touch with Juvien from Aruba - she was a very special part of our family for 4 months.

Sandi was Arlo's nanny in Buenos Aires and from the moment I spoke to her on Skype from Aruba - I knew she was the one.  She is meant to be with toddlers.  Arlo loved her and her energy to keep up with an 18 month old was amazing.  They were out walking around Buenos Aires and visiting every playground within 3 square miles in the morning and afternoon. She was the Jewish auntie we never had.  We honestly felt after a week like we had known her for years.  We know we will keep in touch and will see her again in the future in Argentina....or back on the Upper West Side where she belongs :)

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