Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Trip to Kandy

 We took the train from Colombo out to Kandy to explore a bit.  Kandy is a very historic town - it is a UNESCO world heritage site and home to the Temple of the Tooth - one of the most important places to worship as a Buddhist. It was an interesting train ride - a bit old and really bumpy. The best part was the monks next to us who asked if we got on the wifi (they couldn't get on it) and then spent the rest of the train ride on his blinged out mobile phone on Facebook and calling friends.  My, how technology has changed our world.

We visited the Buddhist temple and it seems as though our kids have a connection to Buddha.  They know the drill...bowing and hands together. They fit right in.  Right....

We also went to the Botanical Gardens - impressive and millions of giant bats! The most memorable part though was probably Ava getting sick - us taking her to the hospital and her puking in the "lobby" (it looked eerily similar to a Greyhound bus terminal) and the 5 nurses all standing around looking at us like it was unbelievable. Anyway, she got better, but wow, no fun!

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