Tuesday, December 30, 2014

July in Sonoma

 How lucky are we? We got to spend the entire month of July in our Sonoma house.  We had a blast, and might make it a regular thing.We started by celebrating the 4th of July and got to see some of our best friends!  It was a reunion with Sarah, Charlie, Logan, Penn, Erin, John, Luke, Kate, Brigette, Mark and Dailey.  We watched the amazing parade, had a BBQ and watched the fireworks to end the night.

Ava went to several camps in Sonoma - Harry Potter camp, the Performing Arts camp at Sebastiani theater and McDonald Ranch camp in the Russian River. Arlo attended the Little School in Sonoma, which is a great little preschool. He was in love with his teacher "Nia." At least, that is what we think her name is. We had a visit from Pam - a great reunion after 6 months of not seeing her. We also did lots of bike riding, hanging out with the Miles family, swimming, relaxing, attended Tuesday night Farmer's Markets in the Plaza and attended the Sonoma County Fair, and got tickets for the rodeo. I have to admit, I didn't take a ton of pictures because I was on a bit of haitus after traveling for so long and taking so many pictures. Oh, and Arlo factory reset my iPhone in October and I lost all my pictures :( But, luckily, Charlie is always taking amazing pictures and I have some in here that he took from the summer!

Coming out of Harry Potter camp!

 Visit with Pam - a bike ride to a winery!

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