Monday, December 8, 2014

Dead whales and misc.

Funny story.  One morning we woke up in Sri Lanka and I thought it smelled very fishy.  As the day wore on, it got stronger.  Then, it turned putrid. Turns out, there was a dead whale that had washed up about a hundred yards from our house.  We went to see it, of course.  It was horrible!  Yuck!  Wow, what a horrid smell. Cool to see I guess though. In a weird, morbid way.

As the days passed, it broke apart and giant bones started washing up.

And blubber started washing up in big chunks.  Locals tried to figure out what to do with it.

We went to a sea turtle rescue.  It was a pretty surprising place.  Apparently lots of people steal turtle eggs, so they rescue them, hatch them, let them grow and then release them. It was pretty cool. We saw a lot of turtles in the ocean swimming around too.

One day old turtles

Lighthouse on the south coast of Sri Lanka

 A hermit crab in our backyard.  It was a nightly ritual to collect the hermit crabs in the yard at night fall. We would collect dozens of them!  Ava made houses, arenas, all kinds of containers for them. It was a fun part of the stay!

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