Monday, December 8, 2014

Leaving Sri Lanka for a coup

So, after a little over a month in Sri Lanka, we had experienced enough. The travel gods were telling us it was time to leave, to go home, to pull the cord. Arlo was sick with a fever on and off the whole time. "Tropical Fever" the doctor said.  Not sure what that is, but he took 3 courses of antibiotics in a month. Ava got so sick that she was wailing and crying in pain...and threw up in the hospital lobby when we took her. Then, to top it off, I got sick one night, passed out, broke my tooth and got a horrible concussion that ended up lasting for months. I had a great experience with the Sri Lankan hospital - an ER doctor, Neurosurgeon, CT scan, Neurosurgeon again and prescription took about 2 hours and cost $60.

In any case, we decided to cut the stay short and head back to Thailand for some comfort.  Yes, they were having a military coup, but we knew better.  We knew it would be fine.  And, it was. We went to hospitals, dentists, etc. and got ourselves fixed up. We enjoyed some good food, air conditioning, shopping and Gary. It was a better end to our world trip than the low we experiencing in Sri Lanka (which is a beautiful place, but really, the travel gods were not with us).

And so ends our world trip.  It was an AMAZING experience. We could not have imagined what we and our kids got out of living like this and seeing what we saw, experiencing what we did. I would have never changed it one bit. It was truly a once in a lifetime trip (though I imagine we will be doing something not entirely unlike it again in the future). 

Hello again USA!

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