Friday, September 20, 2013

Chile - better late than never

Funny story about Chile.  We spent the day there (and night) in Santiago on our way to Peru.  Most of the flight options from Buenos Aires had super long layovers in Santiago, so we thought, what the hay - let's spend the day!  So, we booked a hotel room at the airport and packed a day pack for the plane and our plans were set. 

Fast forward to when we arrive at the airport.  Apparently Chile doesn't have transit visas for layovers.  And they have a reciprocity fee for U.S. citizens that happens to be $160 per person (which is basically an FU fee to us since apparently we make it hard for Chileans to get into the US, fair enough).  So, multiply $160 by 5 of us...and damn, Chile was expensive!  We tried our hardest to get out of it, but it did nothing but raise our blood pressure and take a few years off our lives.  In any case, Santiago is a lovely city and I would like to go back and spend more time someday - especially since I laid down some major Benjamins to do so.

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