Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ava, Mom and Dad day in Cusco

Ava, Dave and I all took a nice trip to Cusco when Pam was on vacation back to Burning Man in the US.  We spent the day at Sacsayhuaman (hold your tongue and say "sexy woman" and you got the pronunciation), which is a very important Incan site above Cusco.  It was again, an amazing site with rocks that weigh upwards of 2000 tons - yes, 2000 TONS.  How did they move them, you ask?  Miracles. And the straight lines they cut into them, amazing.  We are so lucky to have been able to see these feats of amazingness on our Earth.

We also went to the Inca Museum in the center of town to get some historical perspective and mostly to see the Incan mummies, which did not disappoint.  Followed by a lunch and shopping - it was a great day spent alone with our best little girl.

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