Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A walk into Pisac town

Every day, Dave and I, or all of us, would walk into Pisac town.  We were a little bit outside of the main town, but didn't mind at all walking the 1.5 miles (I think!) there and back into town at least once, sometimes twice per day. It was such a beautiful walk and we never tired of it.  This is what we saw along the way...

The gate from our house into Melissa Wasi, the neighbor.

The gate at Melissa Wasi

Up the road past the nice houses...often bumping into friendly dogs or neighbors

We had to always walk up next to the Trattoria to possibly see the llamas and cats and Nico the dog (amazing food for the middle of nowhere...heck, amazing food for the middle of a big city!).

The open fields of the Sacred Valley with amazing organic vegetables and the amazing Andes mountains shooting up from the valley

The kids loved the walk

Arlo in his backpack - he could hike for hours!

Often a moto-taxi would pass and ask if we wanted a ride...and we never did.  They were probably always wondering who these crazy white people were who liked walk everywhere!

The shop at the end of our street

"Gringo" village - home to the expat hippies who moved their whole life to Pisac to enjoy the medicine ceremonies and a calmer, less eventful life

New houses being made, out of mud brick.  And the roaming animals, which Arlo loved

The last turn into town...almost there! Buenos tarde to the passing Peruvian women.

Finally we are in town - there are always markets in Pisac

Big produce markets on Sundays

The main square

Ulrike's - where we spent most days working

Hanging with the local kids - not much of a difference?

Cutie - he was a big hit at the Blue Llama - our other favorite hangout.  The girls loved him there.  He is hanging out on the front stoop here.

I already miss our walks into Pisac.  Something tells me our last walk of the trip, was not our last walk entirely to Pisac town.

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jrmcclenahan@gmail.com said...

Nice photo journal. Was there earlier this year right where you were. You know Joyce & Chito.
I may be moving there shortly.