Sunday, April 6, 2014

The magnificient Earth Home Organic Farmstay in Northern Thailand

 We were so lucky to spend a week in Northern Thailand at the Earth Home Organic Farmstay.  We originally wanted to stay at Pun Pun ( next door, but they were full due to a house building course happening there for a few weeks.  We did visit it though, along with the other farms around the area.  We were in heaven.  Fresh, amazing, ORGANIC Thai food. We learned to cook several things, went on hours after hours of bike rides, relaxed amongst rice paddies and really enjoyed life. What a wonderful experience.


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Wow. I've always wanted to live at a farm for a month or two. This loks stunning to be honest. Thailand is already on my buket list of travel and this is making me go crazy now. I love the calmness of the area.