Monday, April 7, 2014

Floating Markets, Wholesale Market and Breakdown

Chaiyut took us to the Floating Markets outside of Bangkok, which were fun to see.  The items for sale were definitely too touristy (umm, every stall had the same EXACT stuff from China), yet we managed to stop at almost every stall.  Because, who knows, maybe 2 seconds later at the next stall we will realize we DO really need that plastic pack of 10 tiny elephants. Or, we could definitely benefit from a super duper horrible reproduction of a Chinese knock off handbag.  Yes, I do mean a reproduction of a knock off.  They are that bad.

Nevertheless, we still had a fun time weaving around the canals.  One our way home we stopped at the largest pagoda in the world, no, Asia, no South-East Asia, no, maybe Thailand?  Chaiyut knew it had some significance, just wasn't sure what.  Turns out that is important when telling a story, but we were happy to go anyway.  The best part was that we went to a wholesale fruit and veggies market to buy items for our dinner that night ( I was trying out my "Poo" recipes).  The people in the market said we were the first white people to ever come there.  I believe them.  There were no white people prices.  We seriously bought about 50 pounds of Thai basil for about 45 cents.  And I am not lying.

Another funny story.  On the way home, in the middle of nowhere, Chaiyut's car broke down.  It just stopped. He just laughed it off as we coasted to the side of the road in 90 degree heat with 2 young children.  No problem.  Not at all.  He stayed with the car and flagged us down a random taxi driving by on a side road who took us back to Bangkok.  The whole thing took about 10 minutes. Chaiyut didn't charge us for the trip. Thanks. He is a good guy, that Chaiyut.

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