Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cooking with "Poo"

 We received a wonderful Thai cooking class for Christmas from Gary and Cameron (thank you again!) with the infamous "Poo." Shampoo is her full name...Poo for short.  Not sure what is worse. But in any case, she has made quite a career from herself.  She started a cooking school in the Khlong Toei slum where she has always lived and has turned it into a world-renowned school and wrote an award-winning cookbook (award for the oddest book title, but really, the book is great).  The class was excellent - shopping the Khlong Toei gigantic markets first and then cooking up some Thai beef salad, stir-fried morning glory and green curry.  It was all very easy, fresh and delicious.  It must have been a good class because I have replicated the food twice now with great acclaim.  I cooked with Poo and I liked it.

 "Fresh" grilled fish...straight from that lovely muck water behind the stall

Bag of live frogs, or bucket?  Your choice.

The best part about her explanation of this cockroach-like bug was that she used to eat them in her childhood, but now tells people she is "allergic" to them. I claim the same.

Then, we arrive at Poo's house and cooking school in the Khlong Toei slum

Poo in action

With the worldwide celebrity...Poo herself.

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