Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ava learns to be spontaneous....and likes it??

Well, this weekend, Ava experienced some spontaneity. On Friday, Nandita and Jochem invited us all to go along with them to Lake Berryessa to spend a night in a cabin on the water. It was supposed to be foggy and cold in the city, so could we really say no to the 90 degree heat in the Napa Valley? Heck no! So, last minute, we all drove up on Saturday morning....wondering what our lake experience would be.

We arrived at the cabins around noon after some horrible directions (thanks to Google). Ava slept the whole way, thankfully. Once we arrived, she was ready for some heat and some lounging by the lake! Unfortunately, the lake is REALLY low this year, making for not so ideal lounging areas, but more like mud pits. Also, apparently Lake Berryessa is a big haven for boaters. Red boaters...if you know what I mean. Don't get us wrong, we love our red boating - we have spent many a weekends in Disco Bay with the Hitches. But, it isn't so fun when you aren't in a boat. We were just watching from the sidelines.

In any case, we did lounge for a little while. Ava got really hot and really...she was really hot and bothered. In fact, I don't think she likes hot weather at all. Maybe 98 is too hot for her. She fussed a lot, cried a little, and even screamed a few times. It wasn't so fun for her.

Here she is lounging with Nandita in a brief moment of happiness:

Once we returned to the air-conditioned cabins (HA!), she felt a little better. As the night wore on, she felt even better as the air cooled off. We got to enjoy some great conversation with Nan, Jochem, Sonya and Luke...along with some ribs, brat and corn on the cob! Oh, and some beer. That was the best part.

Overall, the trip was a fun thing to do on a weekend where we thought we would be stuck in fog. Ava likes spontaneity, even though apparently she doesn't like heat - and what doesn't kill her, will only make her stronger.

Also, the past two weeks have been pretty fun. We had cocktails and drinks with Joanna on Friday night, dinner at Gordon and Jeannie's on Thursday night, brunch at Park Chow and playtime in the park with the Hitches last Sunday, and a BBQ at Oliver's house with Audrey too (and their parents)! The next couple weeks are sure to be tops though. On Friday, August 3 we are going to Scottsdale to visit Nanny and Papa Williams and then straight to Florida to visit Kirsten, Tony and Colin until Friday, August 10! Then, only a week and half at home and then off to Australia on the 23rd to meet the Peades! G'day!

Below is a cute picture to keep you wanting more.....

...and here are more if you want it!

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